When I started copywriting, I was introduced to the idea of the Power of One. It essentially says: Have a single good idea and follow it all the way through your piece.

There’s a similar idea called the Golden Thread.

Originally meant for sales letters, the Power of One and…

I’ve been in online marketing since before Google existed. I wish I could say that was to my advantage.

The reality is I watched all the major updates and listened to people say the sky was falling, and I panicked more than I should have. …

Marketing is a strange universe. On the one hand, we have technology that’s getting more complicated at a dizzying pace. On the other hand, we have people clambering for simplicity and direction, without sacrificing personal agency or the ability to make decisions at their own pace.

At that level of…

In fiction writing there’s a concept called, “plotters vs. pantsers.”

In short, you either write by the seat of your pants or you live and die by your roadmap.

I’m a plotter. I love a good map when it comes to getting from A to B.

But I’ll confess, writing…

Most days, when I’m staring at my computer, I’m asking myself one of two questions about the content I’m writing, organizing, strategizing, etc.

1- Does the content help the reader?
2- Does the content help Google understand (and rank) my authority?

Because for me, it’s all about strategy.

The writing……

As a writer, content clusters create a unique challenge. If I was writing an essay (or a white paper), all the pieces of my argument would be in one place so I could guide the reader’s experience as the unseen hand.

But with content clusters, the reader chooses their own…

It’s no secret that readers’ attention spans have gotten shorter over the years. But you’ve probably also heard the advice that long-form content ranks higher in search engines.

So what should you do?

The Goal of Content Marketing

Let’s pull back and think about the ultimate goal: The purpose of…

There are some business truisms that support all online marketing strategies.

To state them aloud might seem silly. But if I don’t take a second to pull back the curtain on why we do what we do in marketing, then you’re left with a bunch of jumbled tactics.

Can you…

There are a virtually unlimited number of reasons people search topics online.

If you take any 3 people searching for a topic, one of them could be doing research for a school paper, the second one could be comparing features for an upcoming purchase, and the third one could be…

The first step in developing a content strategy is defining the heart of what you want the content to do for your business. These are your core business objectives.

The second step is to decide how you will approach those objectives.

For example, if you have to go to Atlanta…

Melanie Warren

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